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Radon Mitigation

We focus on Radon Mitigation. MitigAir works in collaboration with system designers and consultants who use the latest technology and analysis tools. 

A well designed Radon Mitigation System is best followed by a well executed system installation. Trust our experts in walking you through the entire process and relax knowing you are in great hands. 


Radon Test Kits

One of the easiest and quickest first steps you can take to assess Radon levels is to deploy a test kit in your property. Test kits are readily accessible and inexpensive. If you are interested in buying a test kit please give us a call. You may also qualify for a free testing so ask one of our team members about the Free Testing Program.  

Our team can help you with location, duration, and best time to run your test. Contact us at and we'll gladly help. 



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